What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

houston nutt dancing with stars

houston nutt dancing with stars

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Published on November 9, 2011 at 315 × 400 in File Dump: The Houston Nutt Edition


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  • RT @RossTuckerNFL: Roughly 12% of the MVPs didn't walk with a noticeable limp and most were QBs. I'm screwed. 20 minutes ago
  • RT @billbarnwell: Joe Flacco tore his ACL three months ago and walked with less of a limp than just about every one of the retired players. 20 minutes ago
  • I would have lost a lot of money on an over/under bet on Super Bowl MVPs who are no longer with us. 21 minutes ago
  • RT @sportspickle: Super Bowl 50 Fun Fact: Coldplay and Beyonce will perform together for the first time, not counting being on the same pla… 2 hours ago
  • So, I wake up Super Bowl Sunday to find out Tony Fucking Dungy is in the Hall of Fame. You know there's a scalding hot take coming on that. 4 hours ago

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#Respect #KB20 My wife has a weird "P" fetish. The guy who put 100 quid on Leicester City to win the Premier League now making plans to buy Germany. @meninblazers

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