What your view of sports and life would be if you had too many concussions

ohio state 0 and 9

ohio state 0 and 9

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  • QBs with connections to Darrell Hazell (Appelby, Etling) killing me against the spread. Look for the Boilers to lose by 9. 1 hour ago
  • SEC ref James Carter has to thank God everyday for Barack Obama, otherwise he'd be named after the worst president ever. 1 hour ago
  • Austin Appelby picks up a big 1st down, then remembers his Purdue roots by fumbling on the goal line. That fumble kills any shot UF covers. 1 hour ago
  • I love it when I hit the over in the first half #ThingsGamblersSay 1 hour ago
  • Our blog brother has his own gambling challenge, and his involves real cash. Get some today at Sports Chump sportschump.net/2016/09/29/wee… 4 hours ago

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Being a Dolphins fan: Getting rid of your boat so you can see your team get whacked by an extra from The Sopranos. Bet Nick Saban doesn't think this is funny right about now. Congrats to the Bison on their big win, but still...