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Ask The Geico Guy: Does America Love a Naked Cheerleader?

Does a woodchuck like to chuck wood? Good old-fashioned American guys love just about any naked chick, but for some reason cheerleaders (with, or better yet without the cheerleader uniform) cut right to the heart of all of our adolescent fantasies. this is likely why I was reminded by the author of Sportsattitudes (you should check it out, it’s like a good version of this blog) that I did in fact promise to keep tabs on the Taylor Corley story, the Mississippi State cheerleader who showed her cowbells last year in Playboy magazine as “Taylor Stone.”

Granted, I forgot about that. But when you are the author of such a big-time, media-shaping sports blog like Dubsism, you are knee-deep in naked cheerleaders.  I have the duct-tape and chloroform bills to prove it, but that’s another story.

The honest truth is that this girl dropped off the radar.  Believe it or not, even a smoking hot blond with her assets on display will fade from view without the creation of new content.  Pump “Taylor Corley” or “Taylor Stone” into the search engine of your choosing, and the most recent entry you will see if one about the cheerleading squad at Mississippi State asking her to turn in her uniform, ostensibly since she wasn’t wearing it anyway.  There’s also some guy posting a vlog about her getting a reality show on MTV, but since I haven’t seen anything there that wasn’t Beavis and Butthead or starring Rob Dyrdek, I’m not sure when that happened.

Believe it or not, even this gets old.

The bottom line is that while we American guys love naked women, we also have short attention spans. If you doubt that, go back to the search engine of your choice and key in the term “naked cheerleader.”

Click whatever links you find at your own risk. I can’t be responsible for whatever you download or the costs of your wrist replacement surgery.

Mississippi State Cheerleader Shows Her Cowbells

Today’s recipe for going viral on the interwebz – combine the words cheerleader, nude modeling, and Playboy, and BAM! A web sensation is born.

Today’s winner is a Mississippi State freshman cheerleader named Taylor Corley.  She’s also recently appeared nude in Playboy magazine as “Taylor Stone”. According to the guys at SportsbyBrooks, Corley is still listedas an active cheerleader on the official Mississippi State spirit squad website, but rumors are beginning to swirl that Corley’s nude modeling may affect her status as an official representative of Mississippi State.  Trust me, I’ve seen enough Mississippi State athletics to know this girl is the best thing they’ve had going since the Jackie Sherrill era.

Insert your  “she can ring my cowbell anytime” joke here. Then insert your  “I need more cowbell joke here.” The good people over at frathousesports.com have a link to all the Not Safe for Work photos.

Enjoy, and we here at Dubsism will certainly keep tabs on this story, even if it makes us look creepier than this guy.


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