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Coaches Death Watch – The First Rex Ryan Death Rattle Has Been Heard

rex ryan scowl

Just one week ago, Ryan Meehan and I told you about ten things to watch for in this upcoming NFL season. As sure as the sun rises in the east, it also tends every season to blaze a few coaches  into that long goodnight.  To that end, we had New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan as the lead locomotive on the coaches’ funeral train.  Let’s take a look at what we said:

Lets face it. If Rex Ryan wants to stay in New York, he’s going to need to get the Jets into the play-offs. To pull of a Jet-based miracle of that scale, Rex should hire Capt. Sullenberger as an assistant. But I think we all know Rex has a sign up next to the dumpster at Jets’ headquarters asking people to save boxes for him.

Here’s the calculus. Owner Woody Johnson hired John Idzik to be the general manager, then forced him to keep Rex as the coach, but then didn’t offer Rex a contract extension. Add to that the fact Izdik traded away the team’s best player in Darrelle Revis. If that weren’t enough, let’ snot forget that Rex is still stuck with a defense held together with scotch tape and happy thoughts, and his best option for a quarterback is still The ButtFumble (Geno Smith is going to suck balls in the NFL…write it down now). Add it all up, and it is looking likely Rex will be filling out some change of address cards at the end of this season.

Last night, the first sounds of a wheel off the Rex Ryan rail rattled across the ties, foretelling the fiery derailment I think we can all see coming.  The good people at Deadspin have such a good rundown of what happened that I really needed to intertwine and compare it to what we predicted.

I’m not sure a preseason game can ever be described as good, but they can definitely be bad and the Jets performance Saturday night was about as bad as it gets. Look what they made Rex Ryan do. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith was putrid. He threw three interceptions in one half and then Orlovsky’d himself out of the quarterback competition. Unless…

Anytime you see  “Orlovsky”  used as a verb, you know somebody is balls-deep in lava, and the volcano of suck is still erupting. Let us not forget that Dan Orlovsky couldn’t beat out Curtis Painter in Indianapolis, and right now Curtis Painter is trying his hardest not to get cut by the New York Giants.

curtis painter fumbling

Take a good look at that picture. That’s exactly what getting “Orlovsky’d” looks like.  Let that sink in for a moment, then stop to consider the following. We fucking told you this was going to happen.  But nooooooooooooooooo, you had to listen to those dickholes at ESPN spouting their electronic chlamydia about how Geno Smith was ready to challenge for the starting quarterback job.

BWAHHHHH-HAAAAAAAAA-HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Deep lung-reloading gasp) BWAHHHHH-HAAAAAAAAA-HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should start a contest to come up with a word that means “simultaneously pathetic and hilarious,” because it would describe perfectly what happened last night.  I’ll let the Deadspin people walk you through it.

Yep, that’s right, we all forgot Mark Sanchez. Well, he didn’t distinguish himself either. He fumbled his first snap and then injured his shoulder on the next possession (on what was actually a nice play [sigh]) behind the second team in the fourth quarter. He went in for X-rays at the stadium and will be getting an MRI to determine the severity of the injury. But he was injured and that was the moment the NY media officially and completely turned on Rex Ryan and it’s what caused Rex’s transient ischemic attack up there in the video.

That paragraph needs a bigger breakdown than Margot Kidder had when the “Superman” royalty checks dried up.  First of all, how could we possibly have forgotten about Mark Sanchez considering the only shitty quarterback who gets more press than the ButtFumble is the dreaded “T-word?” The answer to that is rather simple. So many people had Sanchez dead and buried assuming that Geno Smith was going do more for New York than Jesus and the invention of the bagel combined, than nobody was ready to accept what we tried to tell you about Smith.

Here’s where the shit is going to get real.  Sanchez getting hurt  proved to be the “wheel off the rail” moment. But before I get into that, lets have our medical lesson of the day. According to the National Stroke Association, a  “transient ischemic attack” is defined as “an event, sometimes called a mini-stroke, with stroke symptoms that last less than 24 hours before disappearing. While TIAs generally do not cause permanent brain damage, they are a serious warning sign of stroke and should not be ignored.” Keep this in mind; I’ll come back to this.  Before that, we have to discuss about how the media has officially turned on Rex Ryan. The New York Daily News’ Jets beat writer is a guy named Manish Mehta, and he was roasting Ryan on Twitter even before the meltdown at the press conference.

The first Tweet from Mehta said “Rex Ryan should be fired tonight for signing off on one of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever seen.”  Of course, this is the guy who said Geno Smith could be the starter if could stay “interception-free.” That was never going to happen, and reporters really hate it when they get exposed on such stupid predictions.  Mehta is just an example of how Ryan is going to spend the rest of the season being scapegoated for a bunch media expectations that were about as real as RuPaul’s vagina.  If you doubt that, look at what Mehta said in today’s edition.

Rex Ryan took ineptitude and incompetence to new heights with a boneheaded decision Saturday night that ultimately could seal his fate as the head coach of the Jets.  Ryan…vaulted into the annals of dumb moves by putting Mark Sanchez into the fourth quarter of the Jets’ meaningless preseason 24-21 overtime win over the Giants at MetLife Stadium. Sanchez promptly suffered a shoulder injury that clouds the Jets’ quarterback situation.

Ryan, whose transparent attempts to placate new general manager John Idzik for the past eight months have turned him into a sad shell of his former iconoclastic self, turned testy in his postgame press conference. When his predictable talking points were challenged, Ryan grew agitated.

Notice how in the span of a few words, Mehta ranges from “iconoclastic” to “boneheaded” in his description of Ryan. What that really means is that at one point, this guy was in love with Ryan, as all media types were at one point.  But now, he will be little more than the target of every blame dart the sports media can throw;  because while he is not the reason, he is surely the face of all that is wrong with the New York Jets.

Keeping that in consideration as far as last night is concerned, this is where Deadspin begs the “billion-dollar” question.

Should Sanchez have been in the game with 11:20 left to go in the fourth quarter? I don’t know, I’m not a football coach nor am I privy to whatever the Jets management has in mind for its quarterback competition. It definitely seemed weird, though. The head-scratchiness of it coupled with the worst-case-scenario outcome was as if someone swapped water for chum in the ocean.  And Rex Ryan had to go behind a podium and talk to the sharks knowing that his quarterback options were either a rookie who is at least as flawed as his veteran is right now, or an injured version of that veteran.  So maybe Rex deserves a break. He found himself between an almost inconceivably self-created rock and a hard place; the most Jets thing ever.

food chain

There’s more meat in that paragraph than is currently lodged in Louie Anderson coronary arteries.  That comment about “chum” is pretty revealing. Its’ already admitting that the media are sharks, and Ryan is hemorrhaging into the water. But it also means the media needs a steady supply of fresh meat, and fair or not, it is Rex Ryan’s turn to be at the bottom of the food-chain.

If you doubt that, ask yourself a question. Just what the fuck was he supposed to do? In his piece today, Mehta assumes this is all about beating the Giants.  While that may very well be, that assumption also ignores the facts that a) Ryan has no fucking idea what to do with slag-heaps he has for quarterbacks and b) maybe he was trying to see what his most-likely starter could do late with the game on the line?  Take a look at his options in this situation:

  • He already knows Geno Smith sucks, so he can either get him out of the game and see if he can get a game-winning drive out of somebody else, or he can leave him in to get Smith’s confidence completely destroyed.
  • He can put in Greg McElroy, but why would you put a guy into a pre-season game who is already hurt?
  • He can put in Matt Simms, which is just a waste of time because he’s got the same chance to make the roster as I do.

Given all that, why wouldn’t he put Sanchez in the game? The best-case scenario is that Sanchez goes out and wins the game.  The worst case is that Sanchez gets hurt. in either event, Ryan gets himself out of this silly-ass quarterback controversy which was all ginned-up by the fucking media in the first place.

skull exploding

Let’s go back to that stroke thing here. You can see already that the end of the Ryan era in New York will be a progression of meltdowns, beginning with last night’s “transient ischemic attack” and increasing in intensity until Ryan’s skull literally explodes live on the NFL Network, all of it fueled by the hypocritical bullshit spewing from the media.

That’s actually the best part of all this: The same media ass-loafs who sat Shiva on Sanchez after the ButtFumble are now the same ones crawling all the way up Rex Ryan’s ass for putting him into a pre-season game where Sanchez just may have been able to win a contest created by those same ass-loafs? Did i miss when we changed the point of the pre-season? I thought it was about finding out who your players are.

Either way, the long, slow march into that goodnight has officially started for Rex Ryan.  What is wrong with the Jets isn’t his fault, but he is going to take the fall for it.

Ten Pointless USB Devices Compared To Their Equally Useless Sports Figures

Being that the holiday season is upon us, there is a lot of thought begin given to gift-giving. If you are reading this, then you must be thinking, “Gee, what do I get for the sports blogger in my life?”

This allows for another of our comparison pieces with a list published by the good people at Listverse.  Since most sports bloggers spend a lot of time around their computers, and since most sports blogs (especially this one) are generally pointless, what better that a list of pointless USB devices and blogging it up by comparing it to a list of equally useless sports figures.

10) USB Fridge


“The time has come to stop forcing yourself to drink tepid Pepsi while forgetting yourself in the mountains of work at your desk! Plug the USB Fridge into your computer while you are working,  place a beverage inside and get ready to enjoy your choice of tasty liquid at a cool 47 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: Curtis Painter

What better way to represent a refrigerator which only holds one drink, and only partially cools it than with a quarterback who can’t complete passes and only gets close to winning?

9) USB Monitor Smasher


“As useful and compliant as your PC may be, at some point you probably just want to clobber it into a million tiny pieces. Here we introduce the device that will save you thousands of dollars and hours of cleanup time. The ScreenSmasher is a foam mallet that comes with a USB sensor. Take the stress relieving smack at your screen and your Windows Desktop will automatically display the image of shattered glass – also with a realistic crash sound effect.”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: The Regular Season in College Basketball

What better description is there for the college basketball regular season than a foam rubber mallet which allows you to expend a ton of time and energy and not get anywhere? Last sesson’s run by Connecticut proves it. The Huskies finished the regular season with a 9-9 record in conference play for a 9th place finish in the Big East. Yet, they hit a ten-game winning streak at just the right time, sweeping throught he Big East and NCAA tournaments. The 22 wins before that meant nothing.

8 ) USB Gold Flash Drive 


“True, the flash drive is a far cry from a bizarre USB device – but it is the price tag of this attractive accessory that puts it on this list. Introduced at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany, this exclusive USB key seems to be marketed mainly for its exquisite exterior – as its memory capacity wasn’t even mentioned at its premiere. It was later released that capacities will include 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1024MB. This gold-plated, diamond-encrusted USB memory stick is also adorned with a hefty price tag of 2,950-euro or $3,500!”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: The Ridiculously Over-Priced Free Agent

I’m not singling out Soriano per se, but he does make a perfect example of a guy who has been paid far more than he’s performed. Let’s be honest, every team that’s ever spent money has bought a $20 flash drive for $3,500 at some point.

7) USB Hampster Wheel


“Tired of your monotonous office work day after day, caught up in the rat race of the working world? Ready for the perfect way to lift your spirits and send laughter tearing through the office? Introducing the USB Hampster Wheel! Just plug it into your USB port, load the software provided and watch your furry friend as you type: the hampster gets running and spins the wheel around in the process, spinning even faster as your typing speed increases!”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: ESPN News

For a media outlet to continue to run a sports-news network that does little more than runs the same 30-minute show all damn day long suggest they a) don’t understand that now every sports fan in the world has a smartphone which obviates TV newscasts, b) never heard of the internet, and c) actually believe people want to see the same highlight clips 75 times per day.

6) USB Exercising Dog


“You’ve got to do something with your unused USB ports, so why not fill it up with something totally useless like these USB dogs? A more family-friendly version then its “humping dog” predecessor, you can watch the USB Exercising Dog as he works his washboard abs to perfection!”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: Pitching Coaches

What does a pitching coach do for a major-league moundsman? That is besides walking out to tell him “Uh, Skip’s thinking of pulling you if you don’t start throwing strikes…so, uh, you probably want to  start throwing strikes.”

5) USB Ghost Radar


“For the multitasking, facebook-addicted Ghostbuster, here is the USB device you’ve been searching for. The USB Ghost Radar supposedly does just as it says, detect ghosts. This gadget is actually quite complex. Using sensors and alert lights, and an algorithm it detects any paranormal activity – all the while factoring in biometric feedback from your skin, along with many other features. Plug in the USB Ghost Radar and it will beep in rhythm with specific light patterns depending on the paranormal activity around you. The volume and intensity of the beeps supposedly indicates how close your ghost is. The lights help you figure out the ghost’s position, movement, and the risk possibilities.”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: The Radar Gun Guy

Isn’t this guy’s job really to tell us what we already know? The first time I saw Justin Verlander’s fastball I said “Holy shit! That kid’s got a heater!” I didn’t say “Holy shit! I wish there was a radar gun guy around to tell me that kid’s got a heater.”

4) Mr. Tengu


“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little buddy that could just sit right next to your computer and make stupid faces? Plug Mr. Tengu into your USB port and he will sit contently at your desk making weird faces with changes in sound, and will take naps when his daily face making routine becomes too exhausting.”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: Tim McCarver

Honestly, when I read the description “he will sit contently at your desk making weird faces with changes in sound, and will take naps when his daily face making routine becomes too exhausting,” I thought all they have to do is add “comment on the completely obvious” and Mr. Tengu would be a perfect McCarver-Bot.

3) Coffee Mug-Mouse


“Now I know what you’re thinking…. “Besides the high ‘coffee-spilling-all-over-the-desk’ chances, isn’t that going to be tough to use?” In fact, the MugMouse was created with the deliberate intention by SLOWEB Peripherals “to provide an alternative to the fast global flow of information”. This infrared mouse follows your movements and the mouse button at the bottom of the mug is clicked by pushing the whole mug towards the table; And as an added bonus, this handy mug not only holds 150mL of your favourite hot drink, but keeps it steamy with the built-in heater. So for those who are looking for a speed reduced computer mouse  that doubles as a coffee mug – this little diddy is for you!”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: The NFL Playoff Overtime Rule

Until I discovered this coffee-mug mouse, I thought having different rules for the regular season and the playoffs was the dumbest thing I ever heard. Even the officials can’t keep it straight.

2) Bowling Ball-Flash Drive


“Though this “heavy duty” memory stick is not yet patented and ready to sell to the public – I can’t help but applaud this device’s creator Chris Spurgeon for attempting to find the solution to our age’s miniature flash drives going missing. Converting his 16 pound bowling ball into a memory stick he asks himself “Let’s see if I send that through the laundry by mistake!” On the practical side though, I hope when using it he doesn’t attach it directly to his laptop…”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: A 96-team College Basketball Tournament Format

I can’t think of two better examples of taking a good thing so far over the top as to make it completely impractical.

1) USB Scan Toaster


“Ever wonder what it would feel like to see your face on a 5 dollar bill? A postage  stamp? How about a piece of toast? A finalist in the 2008 Electrolux Design Lap competition, the USB Scan toaster uses hot wires that rotate within a 30° radius to “burn” anything you want onto your piece of toast; the news, weather or snapshots – the delicious possibilities are endless!”

Equally Useless Sports Figure: The NFL Pre-Season

Remember the saying “neccessity is the mother of invention.” Whoever decided they needed to place their likeness on a slice of toast is likely the same type person who thought it was a good idea to schedule a slew of games every year that mean nothing, for which fans get to pay full ride only to see guys who will be loading trucks at UPS in a few weeks.

What We Learned From This Week In Football 10/3/2011

With such a full weekend of college and NFL action, let’s just cut to the chase…

1) We still don’t know if Notre Dame is any good

Every year, Notre Dame gets over-rated, and every year, they prove that by the time they get to Purdue. This year, they’ve done nothing but send a mixed message; lost to South Florida and Michigan, and now have won three straight. but honestly, those wins are over mediocre Michigan State and Pittsburgh,  and most recently against West Lafayette Junior High Purdue.  It doesn’t get any better since the Irish start their usual parade of service academies with Air Force this week.

2) Speaking of Purdue…

Yeah, I know Giant Drum A&M gets picked on every once in a while here, but they might get more respect if they quit doing things like this.

3) As long as we are in Indiana…

Memorial services for any hope of the Colts having a watchable season will be held Thursday at noon at Lucas Oil Field. When the most glowing reviews of Colts quarterback Curtis Painter are “not completely horrible,” it’s going to  be a long season in Indianapolis.

4) The Detroit Lions – The Anti-Colts

Let’s face facts, this team has more upside that in all its previous 50 years combined.  The Lions boast an emerging star at quarterback, a dominant weapon in Calvin Johnson, and a defense that is vastly improved, which is why they are the first team in NFL history to make two straight comebacks from 20+ points behind.

5) When is a fumble not a fumble,  part III

First, there was the Rob Lytle “fumble” in the 1977 AFC Championship Game, then there was the infamous Tom Brady  “Tuck” rule from 2001, now there’s Victor Cruz fiasco this past weekend. Now I know why there is no coincidence between why Ed Hochuli is the best referee in the NFL and he just so happens to be an attorney; you need a law degree to even understand half the rules in the NFL anymore.  Note to the Rules Committee…it is time to start simplifying.

6) Illinois – Your Cup-Check University

If picture is worth a thousand words, you would think an animated GIF would be worth more, yet this one is only worth two…

7) As The Romo Turns

With all the ups and downs, one would think you would find the “Romo-Coaster” at Six Flags over Texas rather than Cowboys Stadium. Week 1, he’s a choke-artist. Weeks 2 and 3, he showed “a rare brand of guts and leadership.”  Now, he sucks again. Even ESPN doens’t know what to do with him.

There’s the “pro” side, as evidenced by Eric Mangini.

“But ex-Jets coach Eric Mangini said a couple of Romo’s picks against the Lions were not his fault. The gutsy Romo has also led the Cowboys to two victories this season despite playing with injured ribs.”

Then’s there’s the “con” side…

“Really, you saw the best of Tony Romo in a brilliant first half as he pushed Dallas to a 20-3 lead that swelled to 27-3 after the Cowboys took the second-half kickoff and drove for a touchdown. Then we witnessed the worst of Romo. He threw three second-half interceptions — two were absolutely awful decisions — providing the catalyst for Detroit’s comeback.”

After all the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth, NBC’s Bob Costas probably has the best observation…

“Here’s a guy who see-saws between hero’s laurels and goat horns, seemingly game to game. And today, it was half to half. Romo had three TD throws in the first 33 minutes against the undefeated Lions, but then, three picks – two of them returned for touchdowns,” said Costas.”This has been the pattern of Romo’s season, and, as it’s shaping up, his career. At any moment he is apt to rescue his team with feats of daring do, often showing the presence of mind to improvise his way out of one crisis after another. And then, the next week, or maybe the next moment, he’ll turn in a performance or make a decision that sends Cowboys fans to the ledge.”

After all, good Romo or bad Romo doesn’t matter…Cowboys’ fans ripping their collective hair out is what’s important.

8 ) By The Way, Romo’s Not The Only Thing Wrong in Dallas

Remember that crap Rob Ryan was spouting about how Detroit’s Calvin Johnson would “be the third’ best receiver on the team” if he played for the Cowboys. Who else took comfort in watching Johnson pack that bilge firmly in Ryan’s “Head and Shoulders commercial wannabe ass? Did anybody else notice the part where Ryan’ s “vaunted” defense had 12 guys on the field and STILL didn’t double-cover Calvin Johnson?

What has two thumbs, Lynyrd Skynyrd-hair, and a football in his ass from Calvin Johnson? THIS GUY!!!

9) As long as we are in Dallas…

Remember last year when Jason Garrett became the poster-child for uptight, straight-laced white guys everywhere when he was the guy who saved the Cowboys? Remember how this was all supposedly due to Garrett’s being a “disciplinarian?”

So, can somebody explain to me why this Cowboy team looks as undisciplined as ever? Seriously, this team can’t even manage it’s own snap count, half the roster looks like they don’t even know the playbook, and nobody is calling out Howdy Doody Jason Garrett, the supposed Princeton Prince of Discipline.

Forget Jason Garrett...It was Mrs. Garrett who knew how to keep the girls in line.

10) Oh, and before I forget about the other Ryan brother…

Rex, you are one of my favorite guys in all of sports, but…

It’s “put up or shut up” time.  I’ve watched your teams gag two straight AFC Championship games, and now your team is looking suspiciously over-rated. Start winning games you are supposed to win so I don’t have to start bashing you.

11) Speaking of “Time To Prove My Love” – The All-Pennsylvania Edition

The Eagles have managed in four short game to go from “The Dream Team” to “The Nightmare Team.”  Two reasons – the hardest hit the offensive line has made all season was on their own quarterback, and in the immortal words of Jets’ linebacker Bart Scott, the defense “couldn’t stop a nosebleed.”

But the award for the worst offense in the Keystone State goes to Penn State. Don’t get me wrong, as a Nittany Lion fan, I’ve seen some Joe Paterno offenses that literally dated from the Paleozoic era, but this is the worst I’ve seen under the Galen Hall/Offensive Coordinator regime. With all due respect, GET RID OF THAT GODDAMN TWO QUARTERBACK SYSTEM!!!! I get they both suck, but pick one, shoot the other in the head and let’s move on.

12) Cam Newton Is Now A Poster Child

There’s new mentality in the football world…throwing the football is Nirvana, outcomes be damned. Cam Newton exemplifies this. The world is singing his praises as a young quarterback because in four games he has nearly 1,400 passing yard and 5 touchdowns.

But he also has 5 interceptions and more importantly, only one win as a starting quarterback.  This makes him a stud in fantasy football, but not so much in the real game. But, for some reason, we let the fantasy mentality rule the day.

If you doubt that, look at it this way.  This past weekend saw 11 quarterbacks post 300 passing yards, but only 4 of them won their games. In contrast, the running game (which has been relegated to the NFL scrap heap) saw 8 running backs rack up 100 rushing yards , and 5 of them played on winning teams.

13) The Dubsism Simplified College Football Top 25

  1. Alabama
  2. LSU
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Everybody else

You Can Take the Quarterback Out Of Purdue, But You Can’t Take the Purdue Out Of The Quarterback

With his tousled blond locks and his piercing blue eyes that matched the blue in the throwback Colts baseball cap he was wearing, Curtis Painter cut quite a GQ-type figure. The problem came when he traded the cap for the helmet.

Now, you may ask why would anybody give a damn about the second-string quarterback on a team that has Peyton Manning? Because Manning is 34 years old, and the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive line looks weak…and that was before Jeff Saturday got hurt.The importance of the back-up quarterback grows with the same tick of the clock that makes Manning a step slower and a smidge more fragile.

Sunday’s game between the Colts and the San Francisco 49ers showcased two team on opposite sides of the quarterback fence. The 49ers seem to have almost no drop-off between first and second string; both Alex Smith and David Carr are arguably failed #1 draft picks who just as arguably have the same skill level. Meanwhile, there may not be a bigger gulf between 1 and 2 than in Indianapolis. Manning is another #1 draft pick who has spent the last dozen seasons re-defining greatness, whereas Curtis Painter was a sixth-rounder who can’t even seem to define Painter.

Let’s just cut to the chase here. Curtis Painter is not an NFL quarterback. He was barely a Big Ten quarterback. But to be fair to Painter, he was never intended to be the second-stringer in 2009; long-time back-up Jim Sorgi went down with an injured throwing shoulder, and next thing you know, the affable blond kid from Vincennes, IN, found himself in a game trying to protect a 14-0 record and a 15-10 lead against the playoff-bound New York Jets. The Colts’ faithful know what followed. A sack, a fumble, an interception, and the end of a perfect season. Painter got to spend the off-season reliving it via the endless replays that documented coach Jim Caldwell’s wildly unpopular decision to pull the starters. The boos cascaded throughout Lucas Oil Stadium, and Painter spent the summer waiting for a chance to redeem himself; or failing true redemption at least offering that he is capable of more than he showed in that seemingly impossible situation last December.

But there were only more boos.

In the first two series, the Colts’ first stringers rolled up a ten-point lead. But then Painter entered the game, and things went downhill quickly for the Colts. By quickly, I mean they looked like Wile E. Coyote falling off a 10,000 foot cliff. Painter’s three interceptions and a fumble lead to 20 unanswered points second-quarter points for the 49ers.

Painter and Wile E. Coyote: You just know is isn't going to end well for either of them.

After the third pick was when the boo-birds came out. The scene at Lucas Oil Stadium was reminiscent of week sixteen of last season. The boos were out in force that afternoon after watching a lead built by Manning and the starters dissolve in Painter’s hands.

Painter has spent his whole football career in Indiana; he played college ball at Purdue, where he was merely a mediocre quarterback at a mediocre program. But also to be fair, Painter has worked hard during the last full season and this off-season to learn the system. The Colts need him to become a more capable back-up, because the day that Painter may find himself again thrust into a real-game situation may be right around the corner.


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