About Dubsism

Dubsism is simply the manifestations of the effects of life on the author, J-Dub. It tends to come out in sometimes lengthy rants, most of which are perfectly harmless. Keeping it that way is part of why this blog tends to be mostly limited to sports.

See, unless you want to be a European soccer hooligan (not that there is anything wrong with that…), people tend to keep sports-related discourse to the realm of smack-talk. Face it, political discussion all too often becomes simply an exercise in name-calling, and people have been known to start wars over religion. It’s not that Dubsism shys away from these topics; quite the opposite in fact. When neccesary to the overall picture, references on this blog may point to those two topics. However, since this is really more about an outlet for assorted sporting rantification and less about starting a crusade,  the author promises that all frontal nudity references to non-sporting topics will be germaine to the point at hand.

Just beware that Dubsism is not for the faint of heart. If you are a delicate soul, you might be best served getting your read on elsewhere. As the saying goes, sometimes to make omelettes you have to break a few eggs, and a primary tenet of Dubsism is to bust huevos when needed. In short, if you are easily offended, you’ve been warned.

So, if you like to talk sports, have a thick skin, and can handle the odd and obscure reference, welcome to Dubsism.

About J-Dub, The Man Behind Dubsism

It won’t take you long reading his blog to understand J-Dub is not a professional sports writer, nor does he have any desire to be. In fact, he has a disdain of most major sports media outlets because he believes there are far too many cases in which the media has been tainted by their relationship to sports they cover.

“The major sports media have become little more than promotional outlets for conglomerates which are more interested in driving ratings than they are about the love of sports.  Major sports outlets now give preferential treatment to the sports entities with which they have contractual relationships. This kills their journalistic integrity,” says J-Dub. “The independent blogger is the last bastion of truth in sports journalism.”  A lifelong sports fan, J-Dub’s blog began as a response to “all the things they don’t tell you.” That belief led to his becoming a blogger.

When he’s not writing about sports, J-Dub (real name Jonathan Werner) is an engineer by trade and has over fifteen years experience in business and management.

10 responses

  1. Hi,

    Some really funny stuff. In the Gretzky Hindenburg photo, did you change the headline for the newspaper or did it alway says that experts believe it was “Failure to ‘use strict’”? If you added it, what does it mean? If not, nm.

  2. The picture I used had that verbage already in it. The only thing I did was add the Great One with the torch…

  3. i am curious if you have done specific research on athletes who have been ripped off by scams or fraudulent investments?

    1. No, I never have, but it’s not a bad topic considering what we are finding about the relationship between Fred Wilpon and Bernie Madoff.

  4. Wasn’t Pippen a victim of some kind of scam?

    I could have sworn…


    1. The same scam we all fell for…that Stacy King was a serviceable NBA player.

  5. This is the funniest bit of sports radio that I have ever heard. Note: I’ve hated Rick Pitino for a very long time, as every Celtics fan should.


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