Your Jamie Moyer Update 5/6/2012 – Moyer Gets Shelled

Jamie Moyer likely was hoping for some run support Saturday night against the Atlanta Braves.  He has only been backed up by five runs in all of his starts so far this season, and he received none at all for the third time in a 6-5 home loss in 11 innings to the New York Mets on Sunday.

But that wasn’t the case last night.  Moyer got staked to an early 6-0 lead, and even held the Braves to one unearned run through four innings.  It looked as if Moyer was on his way to the win which would push him past Jim Palmer on the all-time list, but was not to be the case.

In short, Jamie Moyer got shelled.

The Braves fired the first shots in the fifth inning with two runs.  The full-on artillery barrage came in the sixth when Moyer served up back-to-back bombs to Matt Diaz and Jason Heyward, bringing his all-time leading total to 516 home runs allowed. Moyer gave up a single to the next (and last) batter he faced, Tyler Pastornicky.  Moyer traded in a windy, cold night at Coors Field for an early trip to the showers, ending with with a No Decision and a line of 5 innings pitched, 10 hits, 5 earned runs, 1 strikeout, 1 walk, and the 2 solo home runs.

During spring training, Jamie Moyer expressed disdain at the notion that he may be some sort of major-league novelty act. In 1976, Minnie Minoso (at age 50) became the oldest player to get a major-league hit as part of a one-day stunt pulled by the Chicago White Sox.  Last night, Moyer became the oldest player to get a hit since Minoso when he stroked a soft liner to left field for a single and the 50th hit of his career.  Then,  he became the oldest player to score a run when he chugged around to score from second base on Carlos Gonzalez’s two-run double.

Now, for the obligatory Jamie Moyer Fact:

Because he pitched in both leagues before the wave of new stadiums and in both leagues after the new stadiums, Moyer has pitched in a record 49 big league ballparks (plus three more in Japan). The only ballparks in use during his career which Moyer never pitched in are Exhibition Park in Toronto, Mile High Stadium in Denver, and Target Field in Minnesota.  If he pitches in the Rockies’ series against the Marlins, the new ballpark in Miami would be his 50th.

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9 responses

  1. 49 ballparks for 49 years!!!

    1. These facts just write themselves…

      1. Actually, somebody has to dig them up…

  2. Matt Lawton Hero to the AAC | Reply

    Just needed to tell someone who I know thinks this is nearly as cool as I do. I’m at the game tonite and got Mike Trout to autograph a ball. Very lucky and quite awesome.

    1. So, one could say you went fishing for a Trout autograph?

      Actually, one of the prize possessions that graces my desk is a baseball signed by all the 1982 California Angels.

  3. Have you figured out what you’re wearing to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony yet?

    1. I haven’t made any final decisions yet, but I’m pretty sure a tiara will be involved.

  4. It was bound to happen. As velocity dips, the likelihood of getting shelled goes up.

    You’ll have to refresh my memory here as I was just two and a half at the time…was Chuck Finley’s signature on that Angels ball?


    1. Chuck Finley did not become an Angel until 1986.

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