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Your Jamie Moyer Update 5/15/10

Once again, for those of you who have been kind enough to fritter away your time with these rants, I am still in the middle of a move halfway across the country which makes writing on a regular basis problematic at best. Dubsism will be back to full-strength by June 1st; until then I will write when I can, but more importantly, I will continue to carry the torch lighting the way to Cooperstown for Jamie Moyer.

Moyer was actually on a Major League roster a quarter of a century ago when the Phillies wore these togs everyday .

Friday night’s throwback affair with the Milwaukee Brewers saw Moyer set another milestone; he became only the second pitcher to allow 500 career home runs. Now at #501, Moyer only needs to allow five more long balls to pass Hall-of-Famer Robin Roberts record of 505.

However, despite being touched up for three home runs, Moyer still notched a win and collected three more strikeouts, continuing his ascent in the record books.

Your Jamie Moyer Update 5/7/10

Well, all kinds of things are happening here at Dubsism. First, if you are one of the six regular readers of this tripe, you may have noticed posts being less frequent this week. I am in the process of moving, and until that process is complete in the next few weeks, I simply don’t have enough time to write on a daily basis.

But one thing thing that won’t lack coverage is our Jamie Moyer for the Hall of Fame Campaign. So far as that is concerned, we would be completely remiss if we didn’t note the passing of Phillies legend Robin Roberts this past week. If you’ve been following this campaign, you know that before last night, Roberts was next up for Moyer to pass in career strikeouts.

Well, Moyer did so last night against Atlanta, and almost as if it were in honor of passing a fellow Phillie, he did so in grand style. Moyer only allowed two hits and struck out five, becoming the oldest pitcher at age 47 years, 170 days to pitch a shutout.

The victory raised Moyer’s mark on the season to 4-2, and he faced only one batter over the minimum to earn his 262nd career victory. The left-handed maestro of the junkball stymied the Braves with his usual cornucopia of pin-point control and “fastballs” that may not even qualify for a speeding ticket in some parts of Texas.  

Moyer's fastball wouldn't even get pulled over in Pecos County.

Jamie carved us tonight,” (Atlanta third baseman) Chipper Jones said. “The guy is 87 years old and he’s still pitching for a reason. He stays off the barrel. He changes speeds, changes the game plan and keeps you guessing.”

The only two hits the Phillies’ southpaw allowed were lead-off singles to Troy Glaus in the second and eighth innings. It was Moyer’s 10th career shutout and 32nd complete game. Moyer has two other two-hitters to his credit in his 64 24-year career. The first came while Moyer toed the slab for the Chicago Cubs against Montreal on Aug. 16, 1986; his second two-hit victims were the Kansas City Royals on June 2, 2006 while he was a member of the Seattle Mariners.

Guess Who Has a Man-Crush on Tim Tebow?

Color Me Fucking Shocked: Dick Vitale Loves Tim Tebow

Know who loves the Broncos taking Tim Tebow in the first round? Dicky V.  Know who hates the pick? Colin Cowherd. Honestly, I didn’t want to notice this, but after having read Vitale’s pre-draft column extolling the virtues of taking Tejus and listening to Cowherd’s fervent belief Denver may as well have drafted the Flying Nun, you really want to ponder who will prove correct.

Really, you have to ask yourself who has the “cred” on this topic. As a radio host, Cowherd gets to spend hours every week talking about the topic du jour, and lord knows there is a dearth of NFL talk on American sports radio these days. Meanwhile, Vitale would represent the draft’s anti-Kiper; while still loud, obnoxious, and generally clueless – he’s missing that delightful Kiper mane. That’s right, football fans, ESPN thought better of leaving you you refuge from this mope, deciding rather to let his idiocy bleed over from the hardcourt.

I’m inclined to go with Cowherd on this one; if you aren’t consider the following gems Vitale just had to ejaculate into print: 

Whether it is Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Jon Gruden, Herm Edwards, or someone else, let me tell you, they do their homework. All the football experts put in so many hours, breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of the draft prospects…It is so difficult when the talent is so close in the evaluation process. But I believe that a number of NFL teams will look back and realize they made a mistake by not grabbing Tim Tebow in the first round…I am hearing people say that Tim Tebow will go in the third round, but there is something about that kid that you can’t teach. He is a winner with a fierce, competitive drive to be the best he can be.

In other words, Vitale believes that “heart” and determination can overcome the one issue that all the football guys are pinging on. The key is its all of them. Usually one expects disagreement amongst your Kiper-ocracy, but when they all say Tebow isn’t an NFL quarterback; when even the Tejus supporters couch their answers with words like “potential” or “with the right coaching,” there must be something waaaay scary they see something not visible to the untrained eye. Even Dicky V slips into that trap in his empassioned defense.

He is so durable, too — he has a great body and the ability to take a pounding. His physical nature tells me he can get the job done at the next level…If I was a coach, I would love to have a player like him on my team. You can talk about his mechanics and bring up his flaws, but he is a player who wants to learn and get better. You can rectify those problems, but you can’t make up for a guy who has no heart and desire, especially after he gets the cash in his pocket, baby!

Who cares if his passing delivery is so big and slow it reminds one of a sloth cracking open a coconut with a rock? See, Vitale wants you to believe that what you do on the field is as important as what kind of human being you are.

Those athletes who get the money and run don’t have what it takes to be a classy pro. They hit the nightclub scene and go out and party. To me, Tebow is the kind of guy you want, no matter what the sport is. He is the kind of guy who can take his team into the winner’s circle.

Do you think that was a not-so-thinly veiled Roethlisberger reference? Does this mean that just because a guy who is an admitted “project” player deserved first-round money just because he doesn’t rack up the rape accusations? Cowherd said last week that Roethlisberger got Tebow drafted. I don’t think anybody ever explained to Vitale that it usually doesn’t help your case to keep agreeing with the other side.

Your Jamie Moyer Update 5/4/10

Taken from Moyer's driveway.

Well, we were wrong in thinking Moyer pitched last night. The future Cooperstown inductee toed the slab against the Mets on Sunday night. Moyer got the win and notched two more strikeouts to tie Robin Roberts.

More importantly, Moyer took advantage of the shelling laid on Johan Santana by the Phillies. The veteran left-hander used all that run support to continue his campaign to be the Hall-of-Famer with the highest ERA by giving up 5 earned runs in 6 innings pitched, but still crafting his way to a win.

Those runs bring Moyer’s season ERA to 5.70, and his career number to 4.23. This keeps him hopelessly higher than the next Hall-of-Famer, Red Ruffing at 3.80.

Moyer’s next start should be on Friday…we’re pretty sure, anyway…

They Can Handle a Blue Line; Green Not So Much

Usually, one expects hockey players to be able to handle collisions. Or course, usually one also expects them not to collide with a light-rail vehicle, which by the way, aren’t really that light. But when you win a championship, sometimes the parties get out of hand, and next thing you know, a Jeep becomes just a wad of metal stuck on a knuckle coupler.

It seems last week three lads from Boston College’s NCAA hockey championship squad thought it might be a good idea to play chicken with a Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Green Line train. Obviously, the three lads, Parker Milner, 19, Patrick Wey, 19, and Philip Samuelsson, 18, and the Jeep lost. Luckily, none of three or the four other people in the Jeep were seriously hurt, and nobody on the train was hurt.

Being in Boston, they could have called Aerosmith, who would have told the hockey players the "Train Keeps A' Rollin'."

Too bad you likely won’t be able to say the same for their wallets, as all seven passengers face charges of being minors in possession of alcohol after it was determined Ol’ John Barleycorn was a factor in the crash.  According to the operator of the MBTA train, three of the passengers allegedly tossed what looked like alcohol containers out the window.  It doesn’t help that an MBTA spokesman also said a bottle of vodka was found in the Jeep. It also doesn’t help that three of the seven people in the Jeep fled the scene.  And it certainly doesn’t help that MBTA has announced they will be seeking restitution for the damage to the Green Line vehicle, as well as the cost of running buses while the line was out of service. 

While the three hockey players are likely to be suspended to start next season, all face some stiff legal and possibly financial issues stemming from the criminal charges and the possible restitution for the damage to the train. the more pressing matters are the impending legal ones. All seven teens have been charged with being minors in possession of alcohol, and could pay a hefty sum if it’s decided that they have to pay restitution to the MBTA. 

All this begs a simple question: How the hell does the WCHA keep losing to a team that gets the only hockey players in the world who can’t handle their liquor?


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